Problems and fixes for “bad” fuel in small engines

Sponsored By: Wando Power Equipment Company, Inc.

Sponsored by: Wando Power Equipment Company, Inc.

There is nothing more frustrating than pulling your lawn equipment out for the first cut of the season and not being able to start it. The most common cause of this is poor fuel. Gasoline begins breaking down and oxidizing within 30 days of when it is pumped. This oxidization turns to a gum like substance and clogs the jets and ports in carburetors. Another problem in the industry is ethanol-blended fuels. Ethanol is a very corrosive substance that will gradually destroy parts of the fuel system. Fuel lines and rubber parts are most susceptible to ethanol, but metal parts may also be damaged by them.

There are many different fuel stabilizers and ethanol treatments on the market to help with the modern day fuel issues, but not all additives are created equal. Some additives are only stabilizers where some treat all fuel issues in one. The key is to find a treatment that is a fuel stabilizer as well as an ethanol treatment. Once you have found a treatment that works, make treating your fuel a ritual. Treat your fuel every time you go to the pump. These additives will not eliminate all fuel problems but they will drastically reduce them. Awareness of the issues of poor quality fuel is the only way to prevent future problems. So remember, buy ethanol free fuels whenever possible and always treat your fuel with a quality fuel additive.

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