How to support the Moultrie News


For more than half a century, the Moultrie News has been bringing the best in local sports, news and information to your door – and we plan continued improvements for 2018 and beyond.

We hope you can help us continue these improvements by participating in our new Voluntary Pay program, similar to the one hosted in celebration of the Moultrie News’ 50th anniversary.

These periodic programs help to ensure that we can continue to deliver the best local news and information to you, our readers, and allow us to continuously improve the coverage and services we offer to our readers and local businesses.

A Voluntary Pay program is exactly that — a completely voluntary contribution.

If you love getting your Moultrie News each week and getting the latest headlines at, this is your chance to support our continued dedication to keeping the East Cooper community informed.

Did you know:
* Papers thrown in a month –121,333. The height of the Chrysler Building
* Over 25 local businesses and employees recognized each month
* At least 2080 Police Blotter reports published each year
* 3 Facebook accounts, 3 Twitter accounts – 3 ways to get your community news from your favorite community newspaper
* Tales of Valor – 12 in-depth features on local veterans a year
* 120 videos per year
* In the last six months we have posted over 3,050 images in our photo galleries
* Almost 600 sports stories were written in 2017 featuring close to 300 local athletes

To make a voluntary payment:

  • Please designate the amount you would like to pay in the drop-down menu below.
  • Provide your correct email address.
  • Then click the ‘Buy Now’ button.
  • On the following window, enter your PayPal credentials to pay, or you can select to ‘Pay with your Credit or Debit Card’

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