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This content was generated by the Moultrie News Marketing Department,
independently of the Moultrie News Editorial Department.

By: Moultrie News Marketing Department


Welcome to the NEW sponsored content section of the Moultrie News website. We’re so glad you stopped by to read a while!

This section of our website is different than others you will browse because it’s put together by the marketing department. One thing we enjoy about our sponsored content site is that we are able to bring new and relevant content to our readers without having to increase the workload of our reporting staff.

Our first sponsored content project involves local business owners and their expertise on the Lowcountry real estate market. Starting March 25, 2015, we are going to bring you at least two articles each month that are informative and written by locals.

Here’s how it works:

  1. A Lowcountry business partners with the Moultrie News and works with one of our multi-media consultants.
  2. The business owner and consultant work together to prepare articles, advertisements, photos, etc.
  3. The consultant works with the digital sales manager and interactive content manager to publish the article in print and online.

We hope you enjoy our sponsored content – that you find the content interesting and relevant. If you want more information on our sponsored content projects, please reach out to us directly. We’re happy to answer any questions.

To contact us via e-mail, please complete the advertising information form at the bottom of our advertising page.

To reach us via phone, please visit our contact page.