How to Say Goodbye to Your Dog

After a long day, there is little that compares to the joy of coming home to my dog, Lucy. She has been doing life with me for 13 years. It’s heartbreaking to see her need my help. Her maintenance care over the years has increased. Recently, the vet told me that if I hadn’t provided regular check-ups, Lucy’s health would’ve deteriorated faster. Some of the life-threatening conditions that I caught through routine maintenance, would’ve taken her away from me. The point is, I made sure to take care of Lucy. With every loving snuggle and excited tail wag, Lucy has become a part of me…my peace. This how to say goodbye to our dogs, by giving them a life they deserve to where they know that they’ve been fully loved and cared for.

In a similar way, we love our homes. They become part of our identity as we personalize them to our style and comfort. We fill our homes and getaway homes with memories of love, joy, and laughter. They are our place of peace. As with Lucy, there is a significant to-do list that comes with owning our homes. We rarely feel at peace with the mounting list of chores. If we don’t address the maintenance, it becomes a monstrous heap that beckons us when all we desire is rest! The value of our homes decline significantly due to lack of care and upkeep. I recently read a sweet book to my kids where one of the characters mentioned that the bravest word they ever uttered was the word ‘help’. How many of us can relate? Admittedly, I am raising my hand! Why do we feel as if asking for help is a death sentence to our pride? It isn’t, and help is present in many forms. We just need to be brave enough to call for…’HELP’!

Now the hard part of finding what fits your needs. Property management/vacation rental companies are options if you rent your homes. For a fee, they have resources to come behind a tenant to clean and do what’s necessary to make your home ready for its next renter. The help I’m talking about though is for the homes where we personally seek rest. Service providers are another option! But how do you know who is the most trustworthy and doesn’t overcharge? Once decided, you call to schedule an estimate only to be told that your day will be interrupted as you must be at your house to meet the service provider! Mark Holloway of Property Stewards says, “we are your eyes, ears, and hands when you can’t be.” It’s reassuring if you can’t be at home that Property Stewards will be there on your behalf. Property Stewards has the most dependable service providers to acquire estimates for their clients. There’s the option of asking a neighbor or a friend while you’re away. However, I feel stressed, guilty, and obligated to offer money. Once you give your neighbor money, wouldn’t that change the dynamic of the relationship? Sound familiar? Victoria of Property Stewards said, “we take your pain away so you can focus on enjoying your home.” I can just about hear the sigh of relief!

I’ve learned what people need is someone who cares about their homes/properties as much as they do. A team of people to be there when they can’t be, backed by a company who stands on the principles of trust and integrity. In the Lowcountry, the company to call is Property Stewards Charleston, who partners with the best local service providers so when a maintenance need arises, they know exactly who to call to get problems resolved in a timely manner. The fact is, the more you own, the more it owns you. I read recently, ‘there’s only a problem if there is no solution’… Call me, Alana, at 843-804-5229, email, or find us at We may have to say goodbye to our ‘Lucys’ but with the right maintenance plan we never have to say goodbye to our homes.