Locked Out? What You Need to Know to Protect Yourself from Scams

Sponsored By: East Cooper Lock & Safe

Sponsored By: East Cooper Lock & Safe

Many South Carolina residents are unaware that there are no state regulations or licensing programs required to be a practicing locksmith in South Carolina. This puts people at risk to be scammed.

To be safe, people should avoid call center locksmiths without local shops. Not only do these non-local businesses not know the area, but frequently they do not show up. If you think about it a person could come into town from a call center, rekey the house to the same key, then come back to rob those houses and leave town.

Also, consumers should lookout for scammers who try to upcharge you by tricking you into thinking certain “updated” car locks need “special” technology to open them. Ultimately, this is why people should use a trusted local locksmith in their community.

Here are some helpful tips recommended by East Cooper Lock and Safe to help ensure your safety.


    When moving into a new house, get it rekeyed. The average price for rekeying ranges from $125 to $225. It is worth it just to have the peace of mind that no copies of your house keys are floating around out there. (Remember many hands have had those keys during the house buying phase.)

Deadbolt Security:

    In terms of house security, inspect how deep the hole is for your deadbolt. If it is less than an inch deep then the deadbolt is not working correctly. Also, avoid double cylinder dead bolts with keys on both sides. They are a fire hazard, inconvenient, and just not a good idea.

East Cooper Lock and Safe has been in the industry for 33 years and has been serving your community since 1981. We look out for our community. If we cannot get to a job quickly we recommend another trusted local Locksmith, so we keep the scammers out.

When you’re in a jam or need a helping hand, count on the ones you trust, with East Cooper Lock and Safe!

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