Citadel Enterprises

Green Building in a Linear Society

Working in a manner to reduce the waste of natural resources and operate as energy efficient as possible is essential to consider throughout the design, building, operation and maintenance of a building. In order to protect the environment, remodeling and construction companies are adjusting to green building practices and methods. Less resilience on fossil fuels and reducing waste are both ways a remodeling company can focus on green building.

Causes and Solutions for Brick Mortar Deterioration

Have you ever wondered what causes deterioration of brick mortar joints sometimes seen on older buildings? Deterioration to the point that it literally falls out like powdery sand.
The likely cause of damage is damp rising and salt damage. “Damp Rising occurs when salt laden water is drawn upward into masonry via the capillary action of the porous properties of masonry,” says Peter M. Loy, President of Citadel Enterprises. “Costs to diagnose and make repairs to this phenomenon can be high. The ugly reality is that limited repairs are unlikely to sustain and are rarely guaranteed.”