Have you reviewed your insurance this year?

Sponsored By: 1st Capital Insurance

Sponsored By: 1st Capital Insurance

So now is a good time to take out your homeowner and flood insurance policies to review to make sure you know exactly what you have and what your exposure may be.

Most homeowner policies should protect you should a hurricane hit our area but there are different deductibles that may apply. You should have either a Hurricane, Named Storm, or Wind/Hail deductible. The actual deductible amount that you will be responsible for is determined by the dwelling coverage of your policy. Some residents in our area have a separate wind/hail policy through the SC Wind and Hail Association so they would have two separate policies: a homeowner’s policy and a SC Wind and Hail policy.

We currently have a very competitive market for homeowner’s policies in SC that can include wind/hail coverage which can save you money in some cases. It is in the consumers’ best interest to do their homework to see if you can in fact save on this coverage since it is a big part of everyone’s cost to live on the coast.

You should also review your flood insurance policy if you have one. Again, it is best to know what your coverage is and what your exposure should be should we have an event. For those of you who don’t have flood insurance because it’s not required by your mortgage company, I would tell you to consult with your insurance agent and see if the current cost isn’t worth the peace of mind knowing that if you buy this coverage you are protecting your largest investment from a very real risk.

At 1st Capital Insurance we have the capabilities of writing policies with multiple carriers assuring you quality coverage at a competitive price. We can handle all of your insurance needs whether it be personal or commercial. Call our office today and speak with an agent to see if we can help you.

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