How to Say Goodbye to Your Dog

After a long day, there is little that compares to the joy of coming home to my dog, Lucy. She has been doing life with me for 13 years. It’s heartbreaking to see her need my help. Her maintenance care over the years has increased. Recently, the vet told me that if I hadn’t provided regular check-ups, Lucy’s health would’ve deteriorated faster.

Signs You May Have A Shoulder Injury

You’ve been playing a little too much pickleball or bowling, holding babies or toddlers too long or carrying heavy groceries into the house. Now you have some aches and pains in your shoulder and it’s hard to sleep at night. A part of your shoulder called your rotator cuff might be to blame and, no, this injury doesn’t just happen to professional athletes.

Pushing Through Arthritis

Your body is a machine that gets put through its paces each and every day and your joints take the brunt of the workload. Thanks to hours of walking, carrying packages and babies, running, playing sports and standing, you might find that your joints — such as your knees, hips or neck – hurt and feel a little stiff. This could be osteoarthritis.

Urgent or Emergency? When Should I Go to the Emergency Room?

Nobody wants to think about a medical emergency happening to them or their loved ones, but the fact is that illnesses and accidents can happen. If they do, your health – or the health of your loved one – shouldn’t wait. Be prepared by knowing now when you should get to the emergency room, what the medical staff can do for you and when the ER may not be the best place for your symptoms.

I Have Pain In My Throat and My Voice Has Changed. Should I See A Doctor?

When someone gets emotional, it’s said that they have a lump in their throat. While that kind of lump is harmless, you may have a reason for concern if you actually see or feel a lump.  The symptoms of something more serious are not always obvious. They can mimic other diseases. But if you have a lingering sore throat, a sinus infection that won’t go away, neck pain, voice changes, breathing difficulties, coughing or trouble swallowing, all of these symptoms can be indicators of thyroid cancer.

Green Building in a Linear Society

Working in a manner to reduce the waste of natural resources and operate as energy efficient as possible is essential to consider throughout the design, building, operation and maintenance of a building. In order to protect the environment, remodeling and construction companies are adjusting to green building practices and methods. Less resilience on fossil fuels and reducing waste are both ways a remodeling company can focus on green building.

Causes and Solutions for Brick Mortar Deterioration

Have you ever wondered what causes deterioration of brick mortar joints sometimes seen on older buildings? Deterioration to the point that it literally falls out like powdery sand.
The likely cause of damage is damp rising and salt damage. “Damp Rising occurs when salt laden water is drawn upward into masonry via the capillary action of the porous properties of masonry,” says Peter M. Loy, President of Citadel Enterprises. “Costs to diagnose and make repairs to this phenomenon can be high. The ugly reality is that limited repairs are unlikely to sustain and are rarely guaranteed.”

When the Pain Just Won’t Go Away

Are you dealing with a crick in your neck that seems to linger forever? Do you wake up with shoulder discomfort that lasts throughout the day and sometimes disrupts your sleep in the middle of the night? You’re not alone. Millions of Americans suffer from these common issues, but there are ways to ease your pain.

Weighing In On Weight Loss

It seems to make sense that if you eat less food, you’ll lose weight. But that’s not necessarily the case, according to Dr. John B. Cleek, an internal medicine specialist with Roper St. Francis Physician Partners. Dr. Cleek points out that genetics are responsible for 50 to 70 percent of a person’s weight, but other factors contribute to what your bathroom scale tells you each morning. For example, if you don’t get enough sleep, your metabolism decreases and your appetite increases.

This Screening Can Truly Help Save Your Life

While everyone knows colonoscopies are not exactly the most pleasant procedure, getting screened for colon cancer is incredibly important — and can potentially save your life. “Many of the symptoms are silent, so many people will not have any major symptoms whatsoever,” says Dr. Jorge Lagares-Garcia of Roper St. Francis Healthcare. “Pain can be a late symptom of very advanced colorectal cancer.”

The Things Your Mother Never Told You About Menopause

Menopause is a natural, normal process, but for some women it can feel quite mysterious — because it’s something so few people discuss.
“I frequently hear, ‘Why doesn’t anyone talk about this?’ All of a sudden women can’t sleep, and they have no idea what’s going on,” says Dr. Elaine Eustis, with Roper St. Francis Physician Partners OB/GYN. “They see two or three doctors before they get to me. It’s surprising to me that more women don’t talk about this.”

David Bessinger From Charleston’s Original Barbecue Family Shares the 80 Year History of Mustard-Based Barbecue

The Bessinger family name is synonymous with the tangy, yellow barbecue sauce that put South Carolina on the map as a mustard-based BBQ region. It was 80 years ago that the now famous sauce was first used by Joseph Bessinger in a Holly Hill, SC, restaurant. Three generations later David Bessinger, owner of Melvin’s Barbecue in Mt Pleasant and on James Island, still uses the same Golden Secret sauce his grandfather created 80 years ago.

Check out these unique homes in Old Mount Pleasant

Magic can happen in real estate when a great plan comes together. Just ask Casey Kellermann and Noell Smith, the owners of Kellermann Smith Real Estate. They represented the original owner of a lot in Old Mount Pleasant and presented the opportunity to a great builder client, SHELTER Custom Built Living. Ryan Butler, owner of SHELTER, built two custom homes which now stand on what was once a large single lot.

Oh, No. Is it the Flu?

This year, the flu is hitting later than usual, so even though winter may be fleeing, the flu is not. For many people, flu symptoms can appear seemingly out of nowhere, so it’s important to understand the symptoms.

Understanding Weight Loss Surgery

Everyone knows losing weight—and keeping it off long-term—can be challenging, especially for obese individuals who need to lose significant amounts of weight. For many people, bariatric surgery can be a great option that doesn’t just help you lose weight but helps you maintain lifelong health and a better quality of life. “Bariatric surgery is becoming the gold standard for the treatment of people with morbid obesity and the medical problems related to it,” says Dr. Bryan Thomas, who specializes in bariatric and general surgery at Roper St. Francis Healthcare. “The goal is for you to reach a healthy weight and then maintain that weight for the rest of your life.”

Pack in Holiday Fun, Not the Extra Pounds

Every year we’re faced with the challenge of the holiday and winter season: the dreaded extra pounds we are liable to pack on with an extra cookie here and an extra holiday drink there. If you are trying not to gain weight through the holidays or just trying to maintain a healthy balance, consider these tips.

4 Signs You Should See a Doctor for a Breast Cancer Screening

It’s imperative for women to make sure they’re maintaining good breast health. While women can’t control their genetics or a family history of breast cancer, what they CAN control is seeking proper medical treatment and screenings. If you are age 40 or older, you should be seeing a healthcare provider for routine screening mammograms, says Dr. Susanne Bradford, an OB/GYN with Roper St. Francis Physician Partners.

Is It Heat Exhaustion or Heat Stroke?

Sponsored by: Roper St. Francis Healthcare Charleston’s summers are no joke. The high temperatures combined with the high humidity can be potentially dangerous if you don’t pay attention to your body. Whether mowing the grass, playing at the beach or even working in the blistering sun, it’s important to know the signs of heat exhaustion […]

7 Questions to Ask When Shopping for Funeral Homes Services

When it comes to making any large purchase, price is always a consideration. Most people want to secure the very best deal they can, but it’s important to do your homework and understand exactly what that price includes. That same principle applies to selecting a funeral home package – sometimes the cheapest price doesn’t give […]

3 Ways the Funeral Home Can Help When the Service is Over

 In the days immediately following the death of a loved one, you’re busy making funeral arrangements, writing an obituary and accepting condolence messages. But what happens when the funeral is over?That’s often when the reality of the death sinks in and the need for grief support is the most intense. It’s also when the funeral […]

3 Questions about Cremation You Probably Didn’t Know to Ask

Sponsored By: McAlister-Smith Funeral & Cremation Between 2000 and 2015, the cremation rate in the U.S. almost doubled. The Cremation Association of North America projects the cremation rate will reach 54.3 percent by 2020 – up from 48.6 percent in 2015. If you are considering cremation, it is important to get all the facts when […]

How a Funeral Director Can Ease the Stress of Funeral Planning

 Sponsored By: McAlister-Smith Funeral & CremationWeddings, birthdays, anniversaries – these are all special occasions worth planning for. Funerals are a special occasion too. While the emotions are vastly different, they require no less attention than our happiest times.If you have ever planned an event, you know that even the smallest ones require attention to detail. […]

New to Charleston? Here’s How to Have a Great Real Estate Experience

Sponsored By: Bob Wolfe of Coldwell Banker Charleston living seems to be the star of the internet these days. Social media  teems with enticing stories about the advantages of moving to Charleston, such as its robust economy, low taxes, pristine beaches, balmy weather and historic communities. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the tri-county Charleston […]

9 Ways to Handle the Holidays… And Still Fit in That Little Black Dress!

Sponsored By: Before and After Weight Loss Clinics Let’s face it – we have a love/hate relationship with the holidays. We love the parties, the once-a-year baked goods and Grandma’s cornbread stuffing. And we hate how we feel after an evening of eating (and drinking) a little too much during the holiday season. But we […]

6 Tips for Having ‘The Talk’ Over the Holidays

Sponsored By: McAlister-Smith Funeral and Cremation Now is the time to celebrate holiday traditions, whether that means you’re baking grandma’s special cookies or attending a church service. This year, why not use that time of family togetherness to have a crucial discussion? If you have aging parents and loved ones, take some time this season […]

Palmetto Project: True or False? Dispelling the Top 5 Myths of the Affordable Care Act

Sponsored By: PALMETTO PROJECT By: H.A. Fisher Health insurance has been at the forefront of many debates, discussions and decisions since the Affordable Care Act was signed into law in 2010. Countless news articles, websites and programs have given people details, but still there remains confusion, questions and plenty of misinformation about what the Affordable […]

Keeping Your Outdoor Space Mosquito Free!

Sponsored by: Mosquito Squad Warm spring weather is here and it’s time to move it outdoors and enjoy it! This week marks the beginning of summer rituals…graduations, weddings, pool parties, grilling outdoors and enjoying all the Lowcountry has to offer outdoors. The warm weather doesn’t just bring green grass and flowers, however, it also means […]